Earn a 30% commission on recurring sales with the Mailerlite email marketing affiliate program.

MailerLite affiliate program

Promote MailerLite and earn 30% commission on all sales!

The operation of the affiliate program

We will offer you with a customized affiliate link when you become an affiliate. You may place the affiliate link on your website or social networks to suggest MailerLite to companies in need of email marketing software.

When a new user reaches MailerLite through your affiliate link and joins up, our system immediately recognizes that they came from you. If your referral makes a purchase, you will instantly get a commission.

Recurring earnings

When you recommend a customer to us, you will get 30% of both the original sale and the regular payments.

Affiliate control panel

You will get access to a dedicated affiliate dashboard where you can track referral signups, purchases, and future commission payments. You will also get marketing tools you can use to advertise and sell MailerLite effectively.

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