Upflowy is a drag-and-drop, code-free site development and optimization tool. A/B test your registration funnels with ease. With simply a few clicks, Upflowy provides the tools necessary to create a captivating narrative.

What is the Upflowy affiliate program?

Upflowy is a platform that helps online marketers and businesses to promote their products and services. It provides an easy-to-use platform to manage all the marketing campaigns on one place. When you become an Upflowy partner, you get the ability to take control of the online experiences provided to your customers. In this context, "signup flows" might refer to sales lead funnels, customer onboarding, or other similar processes. Both your business and your customers will profit from this cooperation, as it will lead to an increase in the number of conversions and engagements.

How does the Upflowy affiliate program work?

Upflowy is a platform that gives you the opportunity to earn money by promoting your digital products. This can be done by advertising and affiliate marketing. You can also use their platform to create content for your website or blog.

Upflowy is a program that allows users to construct and optimize online experiences using a drag-and-drop interface. Simple A/B testing of registration procedures, sales lead funnels, client onboarding, and many other aspects of your service.

A flow may be initiated on top of any website technology by a visitor clicking on a button or going to a certain page on the website. Build an optimum route towards your objective in a few of clicks to increase the number of leads your business captures.

How much can I earn with the Upflowy affiliate program?

The Upflowy affiliate program allows you to earn up to $5,000 per month by promoting the Upflowy platform.

  • Cookie duration
    30 days
  • Average Payment
    60 days
  • Product Feed?
  • Commission amount
    50 %
  • Countries allowed
Affiliate network
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