Introduction to Telemart and the Benefits of Telemart's Affiliate Program

Telemart is Dubai's leading retailer of electronics and home appliances. We are looking for people to distribute our products by giving commissions on each sale made.

Telemart offers a commission of 120% on all sales made by its affiliates. Affiliates can also get other benefits like free delivery, an online store with the Telemart brand so they can advertise their own products, and other privileges.

What is the Telemart Affiliate Program?

The Telemart affiliate program is a way for you to earn a commission on every sale made at our store.

This article will cover how you can join the program and what the process is from there. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

What is Telemart? Telemart is

Telemart is a VR shopping app that has been developed by a French startup. It lets you virtually browse through a virtual store and pick up products with your hands.

Users can explore the store from any angle, zoom in on details, and test out clothing before buying it.

What are the Benefits of the Telemart Affiliate Program?

The Telemart Affiliate Program is the best way to promote your online business in Pakistan. Our affiliate program is one of the most rewarding in Pakistan.

- You will be rewarded with 10% commission on any sale made by your referrals after they have

registered using your referral link.

- You will get a generous

10% commission for every conversion

- You can have up to

5 referral links per account, each with its own commission rate which you can change at any time.

How Does the Telemart affiliate program Work and How to Apply for it?

Telemart is an Affiliate Partner Program that provides retailers with the opportunity to work with an experienced affiliate marketing agency. The program is primarily aimed at small to medium-sized retailers, many of which are seeking to build their online presence for the first time.

Telemart affiliates can receive funds in either USD or Euros. While Telemart also supports other currencies, they are not available through the affiliate program.

There are two types of commission payments available through Telemart: one-time and lifetime commissions. One-time commissions include a one-time payment that is awarded for each referral that makes a purchase on Telemart’s website. Lifetime commissions will continue paying out for up to two years after the referral has made their first purchase on Telemart

Action Ranges

Вендор-бонус Блоки питания Chieftec: 1.34%, Вендор-бонус Материнские платы Asus: 1.34%, Paid order : 1.15-3.00%

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