The strong and influential women we see every day—whether they be bloggers, celebrities, friends, or users of any social media platform — are the inspiration for SIMMI. They are continually inspired to develop a new universe centered on these individuals and lives.

They aspire to provide luxurious, reasonably-priced shoe designs to the world's most fashionable women.

Find them on all social media platforms at @simmishoes and @simmilondon.


Here's why you should participate:

  • An initial commission rate of 6 percent on all sales earned.
  • Opportunities for conducting exclusive partnerships with SIMMI.
  • Feeds, banners, and graphics that are regularly updated to include the newest fashions, best-sellers, and promotions.
  • Excellent AOC conversion rate.
  • Regular mailings include insights, trends, news, and the most recent deals.
  • 30 day cookies
  • Results monitoring
  • Last referred customer receives the commission.

All validations are carried out within 60 days. SIMMI should be permitted to forgo commission on returned items.


Earn a minimum of 6 percent commission on any sales made in your first month.
Commission is paid exclusive of VAT and shipping costs.

What is the SIMMI UK (US) Affiliate program?

The SIMMI Affiliate program is an affiliate marketing program that offers merchants who, through their website and/or content, promote products and services offered by other SIMMI affiliates. These products and services are usually associated with the merchant's brand or company name. The merchant receives commission on the sales made by their affiliates, as well as on any purchases made by them.

How does the SIMMI UK (US) Affiliate program work?

The SIMMI products are some of the best-selling affiliate programs on the market. They offer a wide range of products and services that can be used to promote a wide variety of products and services. The affiliate program is easy to use, and it is not just limited to promoting e-commerce products.

The SIMMI UK Affiliate Program offers affiliates the opportunity to earn commissions on all their sales made through the network in return for sharing their views about new products or services with customers. It is also possible for affiliates to earn commission on all their sales made through the network if they have been promoted by them.

  • Cookie duration
    30 days
  • Conversion rate
    8.52471 %
  • Registration date
  • Average Payment
    88 days
  • Product Feed?
  • EPC
  • Approval rate
    87.71 %
  • Commission amount
    6 %
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