What is the Lakme [CPS] IN affiliate program?

Lakme [CPS] IN is a leading cosmetic brand in India. It was founded in the year 1995 by Lakme Group and has been active for almost 25 years now. The group has successfully expanded its business to include over 100 brands across categories like cosmetics, skin care, hair care and personal care products.

How does the Lakme [CPS] IN affiliate program work?

Lakme, a modern Indian beauty specialist, is always innovating to provide customers with a broad variety of high-performance and world-class cosmetics, skincare products, and beauty salons. Lakme also has a reputation for being an industry leader. Joining the Lakme Affiliate Program directly via the INRDeals ad network gives you the opportunity to earn the maximum reward possible, which is 7 percent of each sale. It is one of the most successful active campaigns in India's affiliate marketing sector, namely within the Health and Beauty area.

How to register to the Lakme [CPS] IN affiliate program?

The Lakme [CPS] IN affiliate program is a paid program that aims to help brands with the best possible reach on the Internet. The company takes care of the promotion and the distribution of their products online, by helping brands to get more exposure and traffic. They have a wide variety of products available for sale, from beauty to fashion accessories and even coffee.

How much can I earn with the Lakme [CPS] IN affiliate program?

The Lakme [CPS] IN affiliate program is a highly profitable program. It offers high commissions to the affiliates who refer their clients to the Lakme [CPS] website. The commission ranges from 25% - 100% depending on the level of referral and how many clients are referred by the affiliate.

The referral system works like this:

When an affiliate clicks through to Lakme [CPS] website, they receive a coupon code that allows them to get $10 off their first order when they refer a client. The client can then use this coupon code at any Lakme [CPS] store, e.g., Home Depot, Target, or Walmart and get $10 off their purchase when they refer another person.

  • Cookie duration
    30 days
  • Conversion rate
    4.16 %
  • Registration date
  • Average Payment
    71.3 days
  • EPC
  • Approval rate
    73 %
  • Commission amount
    5 %
  • Average hold time
    51.5 days
  • Countries allowed
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