What is 99designs Affiliate Program?

You may locate 99designs right here, and it is the most successful marketplace for crowdsourcing graphic design. They make it easier for eager designers who are searching for high-quality design services at affordable pricing to connect with one another. A cookie's lifetime may be extended to a maximum of 45 days with this application.

What about your projects?

Your lifetime sales will be accounted for by projects, and you will get reimbursements for them. For each project, associate affiliates get payouts of $25, affiliate partners receive payouts of $35, and brand partners receive payouts of $50.

What kind of attribution model are you using?

We make advantage of the first-click attribution method. 1st-click attribution is an analytics methodology in which the first click that sends a visitor to a website is given credit for any transaction or conversion that takes place.

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  • Cookie duration
    60 days
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    0.41 %
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  • EPC
  • Approval rate
    60 %
  • Commission amount
    60 %
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  • Average hold time
    85.3 days
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